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Lucid by Proxy exists thanks to the generous donations of our board members and our patrons, whose contributions make each LbP production possible. Because we are a not-for-proft organization, your donation may even be tax-deductible!*

How to donate:


support LbP by shopping at You can help us out every time you shop at If you visit through the link to the right (you can bookmark it for your convenience), Lucid by Proxy will earn between 4% and 10% on every purchase you make! It's a painless but totally satisfying way to help Lucid continue to produce mind-blowing theater. You're gonna shop at anyway -- why not help LbP in the process?

You can even bookmark our Lucid by Proxy/ link ( ), so you don't have to visit this LbP support page every time you want to shop at

At the Grocery Store

support LbP by shopping at Ralph's Ralph's grocery stores have a really strong commuinty arts support program. When you link your Ralph's Club Card to Lucid by Proxy, Ralph's gives a percentage of what you pay for groceries every month to Lucid by Proxy.

To sign-up, you'll have to have a Ralph's Club Card and know your card number (if you don't know your number, you can call 1-800-660-9003 to find it). Then, visit Enter your card information, and Lucid by Proxy's "NPO" number: 84514, and click "submit."

After you link your Ralph's Club Card to Lucid by Proxy, make certain to use your card number whenever you shop at Ralph's to painlessly donate to LbP every time you buy groceries.

At the Apple iTunes Store

support LbP by shopping at itunes At .99 a pop, songs at Apple's iTunes Store are almost too tempting not to buy. Now, if you click on this link to launch the iTunes Music Store from your PC or Mac, Lucid by Proxy will get a little cut of everything you buy. And it's not just music anymore -- there're hundreds of television programs, movies, games for your iPod, and more.

The iTunes Store is a great way to support not only established artists, but new and emerging artists as well. For example, the Monolators, longtime friends of LbP (Monolators frontman Eli co-wrote one of our first plays, Jack Cracker), have their own iTunes page. It's a fantastic mechanism for unsigned artists like the Monolators to reach audiences across the world.

And, of course, in the process of helping these established and unsigned artists, you can help Lucid by Proxy as well. Just remember to use the links on this page to launch the iTunes Store.

With Your Credit Card

Or, if you'd prefer to donate money in any amount, you can email us at, or donate online (you can use your credit card!) through PayPal. Just click the image to get started.

About your donation:

A couple of things you might want to know about us before you consider donation:

  • LbP is a Not for Profit company, so your donations are tax deductible.
    (Lucid by proxy Theater Group (tax ID #20-1086926) is dedicated to the advancement of community arts and is operated as a non-profit, non-stock educational organization within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and the regulations thereunder) Purchases through affiliate merchants (iTunes, Amazon, Ralphs, etc.) are not tax-deductible. Only direct monetary donations are tax deductible.
  • LbP is a "no-overhead" theater. That means that all of us, from producers to actors to techs, are volunteers. No one draws a salary, so all money donated goes directly into our productions.
  • LbP is a "no-dues" company. Unlike many other Los Angeles theater groups, our actors, technicians and artists do not pay dues to be a part of LbP. While we are extremely proud of that fact (no-dues companies are a minority in Los Angeles), it also means we do not have that steady stream of income other companies rely upon, so we rely entirely upon donations and revenue from our shows and fundraisers.
  • We're still looking for a home. So, the theater we perform at for one show may not be used for the next. We hope to have a home soon, but, in the meantime, check here for the location of each show.

On top of accepting donations, we also offer advertising/sponsorship opportunities, both in our programs and on our website. To purchase such advertising, please email us at, and we'll talk about what we can do for each other.

If you'd like to donate your time or services, please email us at, and we'll talk about how you can help.

Sign up for the Lucid by Proxy Mailing List, and we'll keep you updated on all LbP events:

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"There is a hunger to see the human presence acted out. As long as that need remains, people will find a way to do theater."
· Zelda Fichandler

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