by Jessica Lind · March 31 - April 30, 2006
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about this production

string by jessica lind Raina, a young poet, desperately wants what she thinks her sister has, what she's read about in hundreds of poems: true love. But is her idea of a love "worthy of ten thousand admirers," an idea of love learned almost entirely from poets long dead, even possible? As focused as she is on her search, will she recognize love when she sees it? And, when confronted with the choice, will she relinquish her dream of perfection in favor of something more real, and more magnificent?

The original version of String premiered in 2004 at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, under the direction of Tom Isbell. This new, revised version is the 13th world premiere production from Lucid by Proxy.

production details

This production has closed after a successful run.

cast & crew

Raina: Shannon Jarrell
Ryan: Chuck Raucci
Joy: Shannon Nelson
Cliff: Richard Wylie
Derek: David Nett

writer: Jessica Lind
directors: David Nett & Paty Ramsey
stage manager: Patty Ramsey
scenery & lighting: David Nett
original music: Jacob Carver
props & set decoration: James Xavier
box office & costumes: Shannon Nelson
graphic design: David Nett

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Romance finely delivered ... proves that a light touch can strike exactly the right note.
· LA Daily News

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