Something Persists
by Valerie Rachelle · November, 2000
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about this production

somethingpersists Something Persists takes four women from turn of the century novels written by Theodore Dryser, Henry James, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Edith Wharton, and parallels their journeys through a patriarchal society. These great writers were among the first to examine the changing roles of men and women in western society.

Something Persists employs movement based, dialogue/movement based, and traditional dialogue scenes to explore the power of the modern woman's struggle.

production details

This production has closed after a successful run

cast & crew

writer: Valerie Rachelle
director: Jeanette Scherrer
Set/Prop Design: James Xavier

Woman: Kristin Prewitt
Man: John Weller
Nurse: Cassandra Davis-Marsh
Figure: Beret F. Malmgren
Carrie Daniels: Nicole Talmadge
Charles Drouet: Tim Sabourin
George Hurstwood: Christopher Voor
Land Lady: mollie boice
Sam: James Paul Xavier
Isabel Archer: Ailene King
Mrs. Touchett: mollie boice
Caspar Goodwood: Sean McGowan
Lord Warburton: David Nett
Ralph Touchett: Fredrick Snyder
John Osmond: Richard Wylie
Hope Fenno: Cassandra Davis-Marsh
Alan Quentin: John Weller
Mrs. Quentin: mollie boice

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"It does not, and cannot, delve into the intricacies of the literature, but it does work well as a study in Victoriana..."
· Backstage West

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