SAP ... boy meets tree
by Rick Robinson · November, 2000
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about this production

sap Bolton Gear's sudden odd medical condition has earned him some time off from his grinding data entry job. Deep in Joshua Tree National Park, a confused Gear notices an odd group of strangers watching his every move, and gets his first taste of love when he falls in love with one of the twisted trees.

SAP contains graphic scenes of confusion, love, insanity, trees/flowers and occasional underwear. Consider yourself warned.

production details

This production has closed after a successful run

cast & crew

writer/director: Rick Robinson
Set/Prop Design: James Xavier

Mr. Crabgrass: James Xavier
Ms. Springs: Shannon Nelson
Mr. Gear: Frederick Snyder
Mr. Widger: David Nett
Ms. Grindstone: mollie boic
Miz: Nicole Talmadge
Sir: Sean McGowan
Dr. Ennui: Tim Sabourin
Ranger: Jeanette Scherrer
Joy: Valerie Rachelle
Ms. Greenhorn: Ailene King
Tourists/Room Zombies: Cassandra Davis-Marsh, Ailene King, Kristin Prewitt, Christopher Vore, John Weller

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