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Save Me - November, 2013
The daughter of a prominent, recently deceased politician, fights for her own sanity as she navigates a secret love triangle of her professorial husband, an obsessive writer, and a cynical political operator. (more ...)

Spare Parts & Cynic
After years of polishing and reshaping, LbP returns to Rick Robinson & Joshua N. Hsu's original musical about corporate mutiny. A rewritten book and score accompany the original's universal themes: coffee, staplers, revoltion.

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Past Productions


This original cabaret piece takes you on a voyage to the heart of desire, hope, ambition and fear. Sirens - with a slight and sassy lyrical twist - features music from William Finn, Stephen Sondheim, Jonathan Larson, George Gershwin, Stephen Schwartz, Jerry Bock, and many others. (more ...)


Into the Woods
LbP's 10th Anniversary show is a collaboration with the amazing Calvidn Remsberg, and a stark new interpretation of the classic musical in which our fairytale favorites learn what happens after "happily ever after." (more ...)


March On, Dream Normal (May 2008)
Jim is safely home in Missouri, but he's haunted by nightmares of what he had to do to survive as a soldier in Iraq. His father, whose brother served in Vietnam, recognizes the same signs of PTSD in his son, but he's unequipped to help Jim fight his destructive demons. Is Jim doomed to his uncle's fate? (more ...)


2007 Fundraiser Concert (November 2007)
This November, we are celebrating our seven years of theater with a reception, silent auction and benefit concert conceived and directed by Calvin Remsberg. We'd love you to come celebrate with us, and help us raise money to support independent theater as Lucid by Proxy moves into year eight and beyond. (more ...)

Multiverse (July 2007)
Set sometime in the not-so-distant future, Rick Robinson's newest comedy features Frederick, a reclusive computer programmer who wants only to be left alone. But when his his 30th birthday brings the unwelcome gift of a government-mandated girlfriend, his world is turned updside-down. (more ...)


Asymmetry (October 2006)
This new version of the play called "simply the best of the EdgeFest" chronicles the halting first steps of three fledgling relationships, as six damaged people fumble for intimacy and balance. Six lives. One night.(more ...)

String (April 2006)
Raina wants desperately what she thinks her sister has: true love. But is her idea of a love "worthy of ten thousand admirers," an idea of love learned almost entirely from poets long dead, even possible? (more ...)


Asymmetry (October 2005)
Six lives. One night. Asymmetry, a new play by Rick Robinson, chronicles the halting first steps of three fledgling relationships, as six damaged people fumble for intimacy and balance. (more ...)

Psalms of a Questionable Nature (August 2005)
Step-sisters Greta and Moo finally meet in their recently deceased parents' decrepit house. Greta wants to sell the house, Moo wants to get to know her sister, and neither of them want to face what they find in the long-forbidden basement. (more...)

i r l (in real life) (March 2005)
When four online gamers arrive in Los Angeles for a convention of their favorite game, they must struggle to come to grips with the differences between their idealized online personas and their more complicated real-life selves. (more...)


Quickening (August 2004)
This World Premiere drama eschews heavy-handed moral debate and concentrates on the human component of abortion. (more...)


Spare Parts & Cynic (October 2003)
A World Premiere Musical, where Office Space meets Les Miserables. Sort of. (more...)

School of Jesus Fish (August 2003)
An all-new full-length version of our 2001 one-act drama about science, faith, and personal truth. (more...)


Cotillion (October 2002)
In 1957, a young girl finds herself trapped between her mother, a boy ... and a girl. A World Premiere. (more...)

IRL (In Real Life) (October 2002)
For four friends from an online game, their Real Life meeting proves too much to handle. A World Premiere. (more...)


School of Jesus Fish (November 2001)
In this World Premiere one-act play, the doctors and patients in a mental hospital struggle with their understanding of truth. (more...)

Jack Cracker, Viking Slave Detective (November 2001)
In the 1940's, a defiant troupe of Norwegian radio actors struggle to revive the lost art of Viking Theater. A World Premiere comedic one-act. (more...)

2000 (as "Primal Elements")

SAP (boy meets tree) (November 2000)
When Bolton Gear finally snaps, he seeks refuge from the watching eyes in the love of a tree. A World Premiere comedic one-act. (more...)

Something Persists (November 2000)
This World Premiere one-act intertwines stories from Theodore Dreyser, Henry James, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Edith Wharton. (more...)

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"The artist alone sees spirits. But after he has told of their appearing to him, everybody sees them."
· Goethe

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