by Rick Robinson · July 21 - August 19, 2007
*Multiverse has closed after a successful run*
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the story

multiverse - the greatest vlarf story ever told Multiverse is an intimate comedy about love and friendship in a world where people are kept apart, and sometime brought together, by computers.

Reclusive computer programmer Frederick wants only one thing from life: to be left alone. But when his his 30th birthday brings the unwelcome gift of a government-mandated girlfriend, temperamental artist Louisa, Frederick's world is turned updside-down. Desperate to return his life to its former even keel, Frederick turns to the advice of the only other person he knows: his daily food delivery man.

Set in the not-so-distant future, Multiverse is Lucid by Proxy's 15th World Premiere production. Read the reviews here.

Note: Though it is a comic love story, Multiverse does contain some harsh language and comic sexual situations, and so may not be appropriate for all audiences.

cast & crew

writer: Rick Robinson
director: Patty Ramsey
costumes: Kerry Boone
scenery: David Nett
props & set dressing: James Paul Xavier
lighting: Patty Ramsey & Rick Robinson
technical direction: David Nett
publicity: David Nett
graphic design: David Nett
original on-stage artwork: James Paul Xavier

Frederick: David Nett
Delivery: Jerome Anthony Hawkins
Louisa: Shannon Nelson*
Dad's Voice: James Paul Xavier
Mom's Voice: Sasha Harris
Apartment's Voice: Jeanette Scherrer

production photos

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... Robinson's script is a winner, and the Lucid By Proxy company graces it with a superb premiere production.
· Backstage West

... engagingly original, which sums up this thinking person's date show.
· LA Times

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