March On, Dream Normal
by Jeanette Scherrer · May 24 - June 22, 2008
*March On, Dream Normal has closed after a successful run*
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the story

march on, dream normal Jim has recently returned home to his parents' house in Missouri after an extended tour in Iraq, but he's haunted by nightmares of what he had to do to survive while over there, especially one particular, horrifying incident. His father, whose brother served in Vietnam, recognizes the signs of PTSD in his son, but he's unequipped to help Jim fight his destructive demons and stop his downward spiral to suicide. Meanwhile, the family's other son struggles with the damage he sees in his brother and the prospect that his National Guard unit may be sent to Iraq as well.

March On, Dream Normal is a story about the struggle to maintain family and identity against the horrors of war. It is Lucid by Proxy's 16th World Premiere production.

Note: March On, Dream Normal contains harsh language and some very loud noises, and so may not be appropriate for all audiences.

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cast & crew

writer: Jeanete Scherrer
directors: Patty Ramsey & Jeanette Scherrer
dramaturg: David Nett
costumes: Shannon Nelson
scenery: David Nett
props & set dressing: James Paul Xavier
custom quilts: Sasha Harris
lighting: David Nett
Sound: Ryan Poulson
technical direction: David Nett
box office: Shannon Nelson
publicity & graphic design: David Nett

Jim: Brett Nichols
Sergeant: Luke Massey*, Brick Patrick*, Darin Singleton*
Frank: Jack Kandel*
Viola: Marie del Marco*
Dr. Fuller: Skip Pipo
Barbara: Shannon Nelson*
Kenny: David Nett
Junior: James Paul Xavier

production photos

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