Jack Cracker, Viking Slave Detective
by Jeanette Scherrer & Eli Chartkoff · November, 2001
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about this production

jesus fish Playwrights Jeanette Scherrer and Eli Chartkoff bring you Jack Cracker, Viking Slave Detective, directed by Valerie Rachelle.

A radio play, Jack is performed live onstage by a defiant troupe of 1940's Norwegian-American actors (called "I'll Rape, You Pillage") who desperately want to preserve the nearly-lost art of the ancient Nordic theater. Their radio play is set in the Viking Era -- the golden age of Norse theater. Jack Cracker and his marginal detective skills are called upon by Thor, Viking King. Jack's mission: find Thor's missing wife or be splayed. Choosing the option which includes a slightly smaller chance of his own death, Jack sets out on a harrowing journey with the help of a Plucky Orphan and Kwang Liu, a philosopher/poet from the mysterious Far East.

This production is part of the Edge of the World Theater Festival 2001, a city-wide celebration of the vibrant and diverse Los Angeles theater community.

Eli Chartkoff is the author of the published radio play, Simon Lebopewicz, the Boy with the Bionic Socks. Jeanette Sherrer recently directed Tepe for Mayor and Something Persists, which was featured in last year's Edge of the World Festival as a Backstage West Critic's Pick. Valerie Rachelle, author of Something Persists, has choreographed numerous shows for the Santa Rosa Repertory Theater, including Peter Pan, Victor/Victoria and a Chorus Line.

production details

This production has closed after a successful run

cast & crew

Writers: Jeanette Scherrer and Eli Chartkoff
Director: Valerie Rachelle
Assistant Director: Jeanette Scherrer
Costume Design: Rachel Myers
Set/Prop Design: James Xavier
Stage Manager: Stacy Deckard & Pam Buzick
Sound Designer: Jeff Folschinsky
Lightning Designer: Valerie Breyne

Brian Stanton as Jack Cracker
Ronald E. Wingate Jr. as Thor/Lester
Stacy Cunningham as Perdie
Shannon Nelson as Plucky Orphan
Nghia Luu as Kwang Liu
David Nett as the Announcer
Gary Karp as Various Roles
Beret K. Malmgren as Various Roles
James Paul Xavier as Various Roles
JoAnna Senatore as Various Roles
John Weller as Various Roles
Tara-Beth Conolly as Singer
Lisa Grady as Singer
Sara Weller as Singer

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