Our Donors

Our donors are our lifeblood -- without them, Lucid by Proxy would not be able to produce theater. To find out more about donating, visit the donate page above.

The Lucid ($10,000 Plus)

your name here

The Enlightened ($1,000 - $9,999)

Eugene Frankel
your name here

The Examined ($500 - $999)

your name here

The Aware ($100 - $499)

Janine Brauns
Elissa & Toby Christie
Josh & Elizabeth Galban
Kate Hare
Robin & Leonard Hernandez
LA Opera
Shannon Lewis
Diana Lundin
Madison 101 Salon
Musical Theatre West
Mike Nelson
Mary Joe Ramsey
Calvin Remsberg
Gary Ritenhour & Jim Kaono
Kirk Roos
Henry & Judy Scherrer
Kristie Whitehorse
Maureen Wilde
Yankee Doodles Santa Monica
your name here

The Awakened ($1 - $99)

Ray & Sharon Ciciotti
Company of Angels
Tom & Pat Isbell
Gary Karp
Gloria Nelson
Rick Prigge
Darin Singleton
Son of Semele
Gloria Xavier
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"I believe that in a great city, ... a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture."
· Sir Lawrence Olivier

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