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define: different define: dif·fer·ent
by Keaton Talmadge
directed by kelleia sheerin
March 19 - April 16 2005

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Keaton Talmadge's new one-woman play, define: different is an adventure in the definition and variaton of sexuality and relationships, from the viewpoint of a woman who as "got a crush, and can't quite explain it."

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March 19 - April 16
Saturday nights at 9:30 PM (after i r l (in real life)

Paul E. Richards' Theater Place
2902 Rowena Ave
Silverlake (Los Angeles 90039)
click here for directions

Regular Admission: $10
($5 if you see i r l (in real life) beforehand)

Call 818-506-8560 for reservations.


Director: kelleia sheerin
Written and Performed by: Keaton Talmadge

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