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the History of Lucid by Proxy

In the year 2000 (the year two thousaaaaaaand...), a group of friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends' friends, came together as the producing company "Primal Elements,*" in 3 weeks produced two original one-act plays (SAP, boy meets tree by Rick Robinson & Something Persists by Valerie Rachelle) as part of the 2000 LA EdgeFest, and garnered a Backstage West "Critic's Pick" for their efforts. Since then, we've continued to develop and produce original plays -- at least one per year, with some years seeing as many as three (!) completely new works.

Lucid by Proxy owes much to the Los Angeles Edge of the World Festival, which gave us a platform from which to jump into the theater production world. In 2004, we received our official not-for-profit status.

Our Mission

Lucid by Proxy is committed to the development of new, original theater and new theater artsists, and to raising the profile of theater (and all other) arts in the Los Angeles community. To that end, we produce unpublished, original work, primarily shows which have not had a prior professional production, and encourage other artistic pursuits in the community. Our work spans across many genres, and we have introduced a good share of new playwrights, directors and actors to the Los Angeles area.

The Company

The artistic directorship of LbP falls to our dedicated production staff: producers Shannon Nelson, David Nett, Valerie Rachelle, Rick Robinson, Jeanette Scherrer and James Xavier, and associate producer Patty Ramsey.

The Artists

LbP has been privileged to collaborate as a company with a great number of talented and dedicated artists from the Los Angeles area and elsewhere, including

Thorin Alexander, Dwayne Barnes, Dane Biren, Trevor Biship, Valerie Breyne, Michael Bodie, Jay Bolton, Amber Burgess, Pam Buzick, Eddie Carbajao, Jacob Carver, Eli Chartkoff, Phillip Cimoch, Will Colyer, Tara-Beth Conolly, Sarah Culberson, Stacy Cunningham, Cassandra Davis-Marsh, Stacy Deckard, Marie Del Marco, Ian Delduca, Melody Doyle, Tina Fallon, Alex Fernandez, Jeff Folschinsky, Tina Gloss, James Grabowski, Lisa Grady, Chris Hall, Chris Hansen, Dave Harris, Sasha Harris, Jerome Anthony Hawkins, Kerry Hennessey, Eli Hludzick, Joshua N Hsu, Suzanne Jamieson, Shannon Jarrell, Jack Kandel, Gary Karp, Kila Kitu, Chris Kohlhof, Jessica Lind, Alan Loayza, Nghia Luu, Melissa Lyons, Beret Malmgren, Ed Martell, Luke Massy, Nick May, David Mingrino, Angel Laketa Moore, Gretchen Morgan, Marina Morrow, Joseph S. Moser, Gloria Nelson, Brett Nichols, Jim Norris, Judy Norton, Sarah Orr, Amy Parks, Sara Parry, Brick Patrick, Jessica Pennington, Irena Pereira, Skip Pipo, Robert Porch, Ryan Poulson, Jessica Pennington, Ryan Poulson, Kristin Prewitt, Patty Ramsey, Calvin Remsberg, Chuck Raucci, Jonathan Reiser, Ashley Rhodes, Jim Robinson, Angela Schnaible, Chad Schnaible, Jeanette Scherrer, Jessica Seely, JoAnna Senatore, Darin Singleton, Christopher Sousa-Wynn, Brian Stanton, Keaton Talmadge, Rebecca Tourino, Sayda Trujilo, John David Wallis, Marisa Wegrzyn, Peter Welkin, John Weller, Sara Weller, Samantha White, Jay Willick, Ronald E. Wingate Jr., Carianne Wrona, Akiko Yamada, Kyra Zagorsky, and many more.

Special Projects

Solo Artist Project

Developing solo performance projects, or "one person plays" is a difficult but rewarding process for many artists. Part of the process of developing these performance pieces is getting them in front of a live audience in a theater setting. Unfortunately, because performance space rental is expensive, and workshops seldom provide much return in the form of ticket sales, many solo projects never see an audience, or complete their development cycle.

Lucid by Proxy offers performance opportunities as "late night" productions after our regular shows to solo artists. So far, we've been honored to provide performance space, rehearsal space and light production support to three solo performances:

For more information about solo performance opportunities, please email david@lucidbyproxy.com.

Emerging Theater Program

It's rough for new, independently funded theaters to get their first production going, especially in a competative theater town such as Los Angeles. Because LbP produces only original work, we sometimes find ourselves in a period where none of the shows we are working on are ready for production, but we have extra bandwidth in our production staff. We decided to put that occasional extra bandwidth to good use helping select companies new to Los Angeles by supporting and guiding them through their initial production process.

Every theater company will have different needs, but LbP can provide guidance and support for:

  • finding performance space
  • planning and production logistics
  • marketing and marketing strategy
and much more, depending upon your company's needs and our availability.

For more information about Emerging Theater opportunities, please email david@lucidbyproxy.com.

Submission Guidelines

Lucid by Proxy is committed to developing and producing original, full-length plays that have never received a professional production. We will also consider extraordinary works that have never received a West Coast premier.

Please submit 10 sample pages along with a synopsis, character breakdowns, production considerations, and a bio. If we are interested, we will contact you and request a complete script. Approximate response time is 3 months upon receipt of your submission. Please e-mail your materials to:


or you can mail materials to:

Lucid by Proxy
Attn: Literary Department
5714 Craner Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91607

Acceptable document formats for email are PDF (.pdf), MSWord (.doc), or Rich Text (.rtf).

Mailed materials will not be returned. We prefer to respond to submissions via e-mail, but if you wish your response in writing, please include a SASE.

*A special thanks to Cassandra Davis-Marsh for helping to found Primal Elements.

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"In my book, the young, ambitious theatre ensemble Lucid by Proxy gets a lot of credit for its commitment to new writing and the dedication of its versatile company members..."
· Jennie Webb, Backstage West

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